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Garage Door Opener Installation Services - Austin, TX

Austin Garage Door Specialists offers garage door opener installation in Austin to make your garage door easier to control and manage. Installing a good garage door opener makes using the garage door easier as well as safer. Installing the auto garage door opener is hard, and is best left to an expert. Before garage door opener installation, please clear the garage of anything that is in the way of the technician.

Before we start your garage door opener installation service, we abide by the following steps

  • Ensure that your door parts are working properly
  • Check your garage door balance
  • Buy the right opener for your door
  • Set the door opener on a ladder for better installation
  • Check the garage door opening force
  • Fine tune the opening as well as closing force

Material and tools

Here is an example of same of the tools and materials used in the garage door opener installation.

  • Garage door opener assembly kit
  • Ratchet set
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters for removing wire sheathing

Safety measures

Before we start any work, we ensure that your door closes and opens properly. Hire an expert in Austin to make any repair and maintenance. Once you known that your door is in good condition, disconnect the hardware that supports the door and then disengage all locks. Put on tight clothing and other safety equipment.

During the installation

We place power unit at least seven feet high with the manual disconnect at six feet. Put the control button five feet high. Switch off the power if we need to run wires.

Garage door opener installation process

Step one

Spread the parts of your assembly kit in front of you. Attach the coupler and rubber bumper to the power head. And then fix the first rail section – the one with the carriage stop – and then install the remainder of the sections.

Step two

Fix the rail fastener to the right rail side, and then slip the carriage into the slot from the end of the rail. Then install the rail strips to the end of the rail part.

Step three

After fixing the rail section, install the limit switch wires in the channel of the rail assembly and then attach the 2 limit switches – place the first switch about 6 inches from the gray wire and the other one about one foot from the end of the rail assembly. Then attach the emergency release knob and move to the next step.

Step four

Place the header bracket over the garage door and then fix it to the wall. Attach the power source to the ceiling and then install the bracket to the garage door with lag screws. Install the door arm and grasp it in place with clevis pin. Next, attach the other arm to the traveler with clevis pin.

Step five

The last step is to install the switch. Find the outlet wire, which reveals the sheathing of white and red wire, attach the exposed wire to the switch and then screw the switch into the wall. Attach your garage door sensors to all sides of the door.

After garage door opener installation service

  • Do not let your kids touch the control.
  • Keep away from the door when it's in motion.
  • Inspect the system once in every four weeks.
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